About Photos
TCTB was originally created by Chuck Dickey, TCTB’s founding partner, in 2019 as a Texas Limited Liability Company (LLC). TCTB was recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2022, and it is seeking further recognition from the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS). TCTB’s novel multi-jurisdictional NGO business model is a “bottom up” practical solution facilitating stake-holder government cooperation to remediate High Mass Debris in High-LEO (HMDHLEO) before the next collision.

TCTB’s Russian partner, Valentin Uvarov, is working to establish a Russian companion entity to TCTB as a legal entity to be formed under Russian law.

TCTB’s Chinese partner, Guoyu Wang, has created Beijing HarmonizeSpace Consult Co., Ltd., a Chinese consulting company for space-related matters, as TCTB’s companion entity in China.

Additional partners are contemplated in the European Space Agency, France, Japan and India, to facilitate domestic expertise and legal presence for contracting purposes, and to foster transparency and trust. If you are interested in becoming a partner with TCTB for one of those jurisdictions, please contact Chuck, Val or Guoyu to discuss possibilities.

Chuck, Val and Guoyu are committed to enabling cooperation among stake-holding governments to achieve the goal of timely remediating HMDHLEO. They collectively possess broad experience in international and space law, procurement law and planning, international mediation, management systems, governance structures, and public-private collaboration which, when coupled with TCTB’s unique creative vision, can provide a bridge for stake-holder governments to work together to plan for and accomplish the shared goal of real remediation while setting aside political disagreements on unrelated matters. Contact information for Chuck, Val and Guoyu is contained in the “Contact” section.